Keep calm and do the math

Charlotte Baude, Reporter

September 10, 2019

Mu Alpha Theta is a club at Carmel directed by math teacher Sean Rank. The club is committed to encouraging an interest in mathematics, advancing active learning in the subject, and promoting the satisfaction of mathematics in high school.   “Mu Alpha Theta is a national math honors society that works to encourage and reward outstanding achievement in mathematics,” sen...

Clubs and Activities Week wrap-up

Clubs and Activities Week wrap-up

September 9, 2019

Clubs and sports joined together during lunch waves last week to advertise what they do in Carmel's annual Activities Week. The ambassadors of the club sho...

Hello Harbinger!

Alexa Mehrholz, Editor-in-Chief

August 26, 2019

In case you are not familiar with Harbinger, it is our school’s literary magazine. In the words of Harbinger’s Editor-in-Chief, Riley Moran, it’s “literary and visual work done by students for students.” Harbinger is all about getting the students involved. “Harbinger gives students the unique opportunity to follow through an entire publication process whil...

Welcome to Our House 2018

Welcome to Our House 2018

November 4, 2018

Information Commons – get to know what happens!

Brooke Braden, Reporter

October 15, 2018

What services does the IC provide? Yes, you can check out books, but what else can students do there? Check out books How do you check out books? Pick a book you like and you bring it to the desk. Then tell one of the librarians you would like check it out and you borrow it for 3 weeks. How many books can you check out at a time? There is no limit gen...

8 Things You Need to Know About Hoco Week

Caitlin Keane, Editor-in-Chief

September 7, 2018

The Pep Rally is actually fun The dance classes aren’t performing this time, but if you get excited, and get a little bit rowdy, you can have a good time. You can get your tickets for cheaper If you order your tickets by Thursday, you can get $5 off per ticket, only paying $20 instead of $25 per person. Students actually work really hard on this Your student council boards hav...

Bishop Rassas’ Sendoff

Bishop Rassas’ Sendoff

August 29, 2018

At one of Carmel’s most special masses, the Mass of the Holy Spirit, it is only fitting that Bishop George Rassas presided. After twelve years of serving a...

Street Scenes Kickoff

Street Scenes Kickoff

August 23, 2018

Street Scenes, which Dean of Students Kevin Nylen refers to as Carmel’s “biggest and most important fundraiser,” will have changes in how studen...

10 things that happened this week

10 things that happened this week

August 21, 2018

1.  Fall Sports Kickoff Last Friday, Carmel teams scrimmaged each other for bragging rights. There were games for volleyball, football, and soccer. The cheerleaders and...

Banding together: marching band headed to Florida

Megan Brinkman

March 15, 2018

Seniors in Carmel's band program have the unique opportunity create one more page in their high school photo album later this month. On Thursday, March 22, members of the band will travel to Florida for the program’s traditional trip. The excursion, which is open to any individual in regular or jazz band, occurs every four years, allowing each member to go once during his...

State of art

State of art

March 15, 2018

Most students have seen the lumbering plastic statues placed strategically throughout the school. Or breezed passed various graphic design work in the...


Caitlin Keane, Reporter

January 31, 2018

Each year, each Carmel student has the opportunity to participate in a faith-based retreat. For the past few years, the sophomores take the day to go to a retreat center, and are  led by teachers, alumni, and other influential adults. They then split into four different groups and go participate in team-building activities, meditation, and other exercises to build relationship...