Corsairs Sweep the Vikings in Two!

Girls’ volleyball advances to regionals after victory Tuesday night.

The Carmel Corsairs Women’s Varsity Volleyball team triumphed over the Amundsen Vikings in two straight sets, advancing to the Regional Final against Lakes on Thursday, October 28th, at 6:00 P.M. The girls dominated both sets, the first ending in a resounding 25-9 victory and the second 25-8. Over two sets, the Corsairs showed great prowess with serves, ticking off 14 aces. They were led by senior Rebecca Kimbel, who scored eight. The back row shined today, with 29 digs. Nearly half of these were from the libero, senior Milana “Mo” Moisio. Twenty-three spikes, tips, and free balls resulted in kills for the Corsairs. Carmel closed both sets with a kill, the first from senior Molly Halaburt and the second from senior Ava Grasso.

Throughout the first set, seniors Quinn Mainzer, Jess Greeby, Julia Shrofe, and Halaburt, junior Abby Blanchette, and sophomore Isa Swiatkowski all marked down kills. Blanchette, Greeby, Swiatkowski, and Halaburt all had one kill (Swiatkowski from the back row), Shrofe had two, and Mainzer pounded down three. Moisio recorded a free ball kill due to the hustle of both her and sophomore Bella Lucero. Halaburt had a six-point service run with two aces that improved the Corsairs’ lead from 10-5 to 15-6, resulting in a Viking timeout. Kimbel had a seven-point service run – with three aces – to expand the lead from 16-8 to 23-8.

The second set started off with a 0-3 deficit, but the Corsairs rallied with improvements in their blocking and hitting. Seniors Chloe Belanski, Milan Moore, Katie Wesolowicz, Grasso, and Shrofe, along with Blanchette, all had key kills. Belanski, Wesolowicz, Grasso, and Blanchette had two while Moore and Shrofe ticked off one each. Wesolowicz came in handy with three blocks that kept Kimbel’s second serving streak of the game alive. This service run was 11 points, bringing the game from a tight 5-5 tie to a blowout 16-5. Five aces were amassed throughout this run, with one of these aces untouched as it blew past the opposing team. Her serves prompted another timeout from the opposing team. Moisio showed off her weapon of power tipping, shooting one to a wide-open spot on the court. Finally, Belanski came in clutch with a five-point service run near the end of the game, bringing the score from 17-6 to an even further lead of 22-6. This streak contained one ace with another Viking timeout.

Carmel’s Thursday Regional opponent beat Ridgewood in straight sets, although the second set was incredibly close. Lakes pulled ahead 25-21 and are now fighting against the Corsairs in the Regional Final, where the winning team will advance to Sectionals and the losing team’s season will end.