Carmel Celebrates First Mass of the School Year


Mass of the Holy Spirit, Wednesday September 30, 2020:

“It is a long held tradition at Carmel and Catholic schools across the country to celebrate the mass of the Holy Spirit near the beginning of each school year. This year, unsurprisingly, the mass looked different than it has in the past as it was held under the tents in the central courtyard, members of the choir wore masks uniquely designed for singing, and hand sanitiser was distributed before the reception of communion. Students from both in-person cohorts were in attendance, but seated in separate tents. Seeing these students together reminded me that although we might feel isolated from each other, the Carmel community is always connected by the values that we share. Despite necessary changes, the Mass of the Holy Spirit was the same welcoming experience that it has been in the past.”—Brigid Hull’21 (staff writer)

Photo is from Hannah Arends’21, staff writer