Adopt a family

The origin of Carmel’s most beloved service project


Carmel students have been providing gifts for “Christmas families” since it opened, starting first with the boys’ side of the school and then the girls’ side. Since then, the homeroom participation has decreased somewhat, but that hasn’t stopped the gift givers from giving it their all. 

I am always impressed with the enthusiasm of those who do participate have for their designated families,” science teacher Dr. Peggy Halloran said. “They put their heart into buying the perfect gifts and making these families feel special.”

The Catholic Charities in Lake County start taking family names in the summer, and Carmel tells them how many families they can take. The families who receive the gifts can choose from clothes, food and many other necessities. The goal of the Christmas families is to make them feel special and loved for Christmas.

It reaffirms what Carmel is all about to me,” Halloran said “and why I am proud to be a faculty member here.”