Bob Fortune

Rosemarie Fortune visits the University of Dayton in October.

University of Dayton

This small, private university focuses on their mission balance of the body, mind, and spirit.


Dayton, Ohio

Carmel Visitor: Rose Fortune

Intended major: Psychology


The right fit

It is a Catholic school and the perfect size for me. I had already applied before I even visited and was nervous because I was still looking for a top school that I liked.


All in this together

Once I stepped onto campus, it quickly became my first choice. I was amazed that all housing, freshmen through senior year, is on campus. This is a really unique setup and reminded me of the community feel that is also present at Carmel.


Bigger than your average

The dorm rooms are huge. The freshman year dorms are the biggest that I have ever seen. And I mean, how many clothes I can fit in my closet might be a deciding factor in my college decision.


Welcome aboard

I felt overwhelmingly welcomed when I arrived on campus. The people are so nice, and you can tell each person cares about you. I knew that the people there really cared when a cafeteria lady, not my tour guide or a student, asked me how my visit was going.

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