Dual credit– everything you need to know


World language’s teacher, Jack Cannuli, teaches his Mandarin class.

Many students are not familiar with the dual credit program. These classes can be defined as courses offered here at Carmel that are endorsed by a regional or local college. In other words, dual credit courses are like taking an AP class without the test, but with the college credit. 

“I pushed for it when I came here,” principal Jason Huther said. “I’ve been a high school principal for a number of years before coming here, and my school had a great dual credit program. It was so easy to implement, and I saw how much the students enjoyed it.” 

When Carmel had first implemented the dual credit program, Illinois had just passed a law that ensured the transfer of credits to college. 

“The more people heard of it, the more excited they got.” 

So, what are the benefits of taking a dual credit course? Not only is it cheaper in the long run, but it frees up more time in your college schedule for advanced, unique courses you most likely wouldn’t have been able to take. In addition, it would free up time for those interested in dual majors. 

“My goal would be that a student could finish school at Carmel with enough credit to wipe out a lot from college,” Huther said. 

“It feels really good having a 5.0,” sophomore dual credit student, Katie Ingram said. “I think it’s a great experience that everyone should do. It really boosts your GPA.”