Breakfast with St. Nicholas


Faculty enjoying the St. Nick breakfast.

As December begins so does the holiday season. On December 4, CCHS faculty and staff gathered for the annual St. Nicks Breakfast to celebrate. 

Each year, faculty and staff get together for a seasonal breakfast before school. Unlike previous years, this is the first time teachers could enjoy their breakfast during a late start. 

“This was the first year there weren’t meetings after breakfast,” science teacher Dr. Smith said. “Usually, we would just grab food and head straight to our meetings.”

Faculty signed up to bring in a contribution in the teacher’s lounge the week before the breakfast. However, not everyone had to bring something to come and enjoy. Teachers bring everything from danishes, muffins, fruits, cake, and donuts. Some teachers look forward to certain things people bring. Something everyone always looks forward to Administrative Assistant Mrs. Bishop’s quiche. 

“I really love to cook so I was just looking for something simple to make for the St. Nick breakfast,” Bishop said. “I followed a Paula Deen recipe and used really simple and high quilty ingredients. The quiche just turned out perfect the first time. Everyone loved it so much the first year so I’ve to keep bringing it since.”

This breakfast is a great time for faculty and staff to socialize as well as get in the Christmas spirit. It’s a time where teachers who may not have the same lunch can socialize. Former social studies teacher Sharon Smogor helps put the whole breakfast together each year. 

“Everyune brings what they can and pitches in,” Smogor said. “It’s really a team effort putting this breakfast together.”