The weather outside is frightful

Tips to keep yourself safe on the roads this winter.

Graphic by Tori Nagode

As the weather becomes worse and worse, so do the drivers and the accidents that tag along with them. With many new drivers in the school, helpful tips become very useful to stay calm and relaxed on the roads when driving in unpleasant conditions. 

Junior Emma Capulong, who has been driving for over a year helped along with others to give helpful tips to new or struggling drivers. 

“My first winter I was so scared to drive in the snow, but with the more experience you get the better you become at it!” Capulong said.

Here are a few steps on how to stay safe this winter:

Step 1: RELAX- Don’t tense up when you drive, it’s bound to increase the chances of a mistake that won’t end well. When you relax you are able to calmly assess the roads and watch out for other drivers and situations that could arise. 

Step 2: ATTENTION- Make sure that you are always looking out for even the things you might not expect. Anything could happen at any time so it is best to always be ready to react. 

Step 3: SPEED- It is not a race to get home when your driving during the winter and in the snow and ice. Take it slow because it will help you not slide, and if you need to break fast it will help you not crash.

Step 4: PREPARE- Sometimes things are completely out of our control and there is nothing we can do to prevent an accident. So if you do get in one it’s important to remain calm, don’t move the cars because stories can change, get the other driver’s information, call the police, and inform your parents. 

Following these tips, among many other things, will keep you safe this winter season. It may even help you out of you face the situation. Don’t believe it? Take it from an adult themselves!