A hard worker on and off the field

Following the ups and downs of junior Syone-Usma Harper’s football career.


Harper competes in the Carmel vs. Libertyville game

Junior Syone-Usma Harper is very well known for his 300-yard run against Libertyville High school. However, most don’t know the man behind the name. 

Harper started playing football when he was five years old.

 “My grandpa had suggested it to me and I just wanted to try it out since he had taught and encouraged me to play,” Harper said. “At first it kinda separated me from many friends, but I’ve never had intentions of quitting football ever in my life of playing.” 

In addition to having an effect on his social life, football has also had an impact on Harper’s school life. Harper went on to explain that during the season, he needs to balance his schedule perfectly, or else he wouldn’t get anything done. 

“I get to finish most of my homework at school and then I finish the rest after practice,” Harper said. “It’s harder to stay on top of assignments.”

Aside from juggling time management, Harper tries to focus on the good.  

“I listen to a lot of music before games or practices,” Harper said. “I also watch motivational videos that can get me very hyped and inspired.” 

Aside from impressing all of his fans, sophomore Aidan Lucero says he loves having Harper as a friend as well as a teammate. 

“Syone has a winning mentality,” Lucero said. “He’s one of the hardest workers I know and it really shows on the field.” 

Unfortunately, Harper was hit with an unexpected injury after a tackle with an opposing team resulting in a sprained LCL in his right knee. He should be fully recovered in around 2-4 weeks, but he hopes to be back by mid-October. 

Even though he’s facing a terrible setback, Harper is trying his hardest to stay positive. 

“I always think of how I can get better every day, and I strive to accomplish what I want to achieve.”