Rita Nonnenmacher

Caroline Nonnenmacher visits the University of Michigan in November.

University of Michigan

This public university teaches more than 28,000 students the value of knowledge, innovation, and Coach Harbaugh’s khakis.


Ann Arbor, Michigan

Carmel Visitor: Caroline Nonnenmacher

Intended major: Industrial Engineering



I guess this is true for every college, but everyone that goes to Michigan is literally obsessed with U-M. You can ask any student what they think of the school, and you’ll never hear “It’s okay” or “It’s alright.” Everyone loves it there.


Frequent visitor

I’ve been there a bunch of times, around 15.  I visited my sister and brother [both current U-M students] and I went on an engineering tour.

What a hike

The campus is too large and too spread out. There’s a central campus and a north campus, so you have to take a bus between them. If you wanted to walk, it would be a 45 minute walk. My brother lives on north campus but half of his classes are on central campus, so he has to get up early in the morning to get to a class on the other campus and take a bus later in the day to get to other classes.


Spin for Luck

The Cube is just a big cube in the middle of campus standing on one edge. Students can spin it for good luck before they go take a test or something like that.


Pizza, Pizza

One good restaurant is Pizza House on campus, and they’re not even famous for their pizza. They’re actually famous for their pizza not being that good, but they have this amazing cheesy bread appetizer that everyone is obsessed with. Go check it out.

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