Dads of the Arts

An inside look into the helpers of the new and improved auditorium.



New and Improved auditorium

“It was really important for us to have a new, supported stage floor,” Stagecraft and Drama teacher Denise Sebastiano said. 

Sebastiano was on the committee for the auditorium renovations. She worked hard everyday to make sure everything went smoothly and couldn’t have done it without the assistance of a few special helpers.

“I wanted the stage to look amazing and a few dads offered to help,” Sebastiano said. 

The dads that helped, Tom Sebastiano, John Rizzo, Jim Merkel, Eric Bodo, and Mark Wegener, would come in after their jobs to work until about 10PM. They did this for 9 evenings, working hard to make sure the stage was perfect.   

“They’re kinda like my heroes actually,” Sebastiano said. “For parents to show students that they care is really a blessing.”