Expanding the Science Horizon

Carmel is offering a trip to juniors and seniors to travel to Costa Rica to learn about conservation biology. 


This all-inclusive trip to Costa Rica intended for students who are interested in wildlife, ecology, and travel. On the trip, students will learn about conservation biology in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has unique ecosystems including marine, forest, and montane cloud forests. Students will participate in a hands-on field experiment. 


“Students can discover rich culture and traditions, and experience incomparable learning moments with a local guide. Students will snorkel or canoe in a national park, participate in hands-on field experiments, and much more.” Science teacher Kirsten Bartlett said. 


 This trip also provides students with college credit. Applications are due November 22.  Students will need to join the Costa Rica Google Classroom at t5lwyk and complete the application process. Interested students are also welcome to visit Mrs. Barlett in-room SC2. 


“The purpose of the trip is to learn more about Costa Rica and how they are working to protect biodiversity as a country,” Barlett said.