Tutoring for students by students

Through Carmel’s “Business Incubator” program, True Tutor became an opportunity for high schoolers to tutor middle school students.

To a middle schooler, adults might not seem to be the most relatable to. This problem is being solved through True Tutor, whose goal is to provide “not just a tutor, but a role model” to middle school students.


Students Scotty Vrablik, Alex Merkel, Caiti Shrofe, and Ally Hajduk developed True Tutor through Carmel’s “Business Incubator” program during the 2018-2019 school year.


True Tutor won the May 2019 annual Pitch Night hosted by Carmel.


“We received funding from business professionals that allowed us to make significant upgrades to our products,” co-founder Scotty Vrablik said.


Through the True Tutor website (yourtruetutor.com), families with middle school students can connect with high school tutors.


“Our high-school tutors are more connectable for the middle schoolers–there’s a smaller age gap, meaning the tutoring session is less intimidating,” Vrablik said. “Plus, high school students are up-to-date with current teaching methods & expectations!”


True Tutor provides an affordable and unique tutoring opportunity for middles school families.


“Compared to independent professionals, True Tutor can be up to $100.00 per hour cheaper,” Vrablik said. “True Tutor was founded on the belief that the high school transition should be less intimidating.”


The corporation also poses an opportunity that can be hard for high school students to find: employment.


“True Tutor employees have flexibility they won’t find anywhere else in terms of their schedule,” Vrablik said. “Also, their base pay is nearly 60% higher than the minimum wage.”