ABC’s: Advice Beyond the Classroom

Professional ABC’s: Advice Beyond the Classroom offers students the opportunity to experience business in the real, professional world.



The ABC program is offered to sophomore, junior, and senior applicants who wish to gain real experience and learn skills to help construct the foundation for their future.


“Professional ABC’s allows high school students to expose themselves to real-world business practices and functions,” ABC Vice President Scotty Vrablik said. “The purpose of ABC is in the name: beyond the classroom. The club teaches skills that will not be learned through traditional classroom curriculum.”


So what makes the ABC curriculum unique from others, such as ones offered in high school? Well, the ABC program works with its members to teach them life skills needed in their professional life, such as first impressions, public speaking, and networking.


“The group of students that participate in ABC will know how to network with professionals, seek an internship, and stay in contact with individuals that could be of importance later in life,” Vrablik said. “From giving a proper handshake to filing federal income tax reports, ABC is teaching the life skills that aren’t available in typical high school classrooms.”


Members not only partake in field trips to local firms, meet employment recruiters, and work on resumes but also work throughout the year for competitions both inside and outside of Carmel.


“[The ABC program] cross-collaborates with high schools in the city, where there is an annual competition hosted at a financial firm,” Vrablik said.


“There is also an inner-school competition, where the winning team splits $2,000.00 in cash,” Vrablik said. “In order to win, a team must demonstrate their ability to work together, their understanding of the stock market, and their comprehension of the lesson material.”


Although being a competitive and educational opportunity for students, it also allows them to have fun in unique ways that not everyone has access to.


“My favorite part about the program is the trips to the city. We traveled to the UBS Tower in the heart of Chicago, where we were able to tour a working firm and envision ourselves in a similar setting in five years’ time.”


The program is a great way, and one of the only ways, for high school students to gain experience in the professional business world.


“Applying for the position of Vice President was also an incredible experience,” Vrablik said. “There was a formal interview process in the city with the organization’s leader, and there’s something powerful about taking the train down to the city, wearing a suit, for an interview located at a multi-billion dollar financial firm.”


The program gives students a head start on their professional success, and teaches them invaluable lessons and skills that can be applied to applying for college and leadership positions, and even landing an internship while in high school.


“The body of students is comprised of people interested in pursuing various degrees and career paths–some of which have nothing to do with business,” Vrablik said. “It provides an opportunity to give yourself a head start in the ‘work world,’ and the added layer of professionalism you’ll gain could be a determining factor for admission/acceptance to your desired college or job.”