Expedition: Badminton

Junior Viola Zhao has been playing badminton since her childhood.

Junior Viola Zhao playing badminton.

Her hands grip the racket with determination. As her eyes zero in on her opponent, it’s time for her to play. She blocks everything out around her and focuses on the present.

Badminton has been junior Viola Zhao’s life for many years. Zhao grew up in China for most of her early life. 

“My parents introduced badminton to me when I was very young,” Zhao said, “and it just kind of stuck with me.”

Zhao practiced everyday with all of her family adding to her love for the game. She would play day and night, up to eight hours a day. 

“During that time, as long as I was awake,” Zhao said, “ I would ask someone to play badminton with me.” 

 In elementary school Zhao moved to England and badminton was not very popular there. She did not play as much in England but after coming to Carmel she has decided to play more. Badminton has been her passion for many years and has taught her many lessons. 

“I’ve learned that if people want to be successful in one thing, they must insist on that one thing.” Zhao said.