Spirit week wrap-up

Spirit week arrived and people showed their Carmel pride

Ava Klein

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 Spirit week is the week before homecoming where people wear clothes that match the theme of the day. Sitting in the cafeteria and seeing people that are wearing two different colored shoes or hawaiin shirts is a fun way to see people show their pride for Carmel. Classrooms are filled with color from the wacky patterns people chose to wear for mismatch day. 

“I didn’t participate in spirit week at all last year,” sophomore Lelya Reninger said. “So this year I decided it would be more fun if I dressed up.” The themes for spirit week are hawaiin, mismatch, country, powderpuff pride, and Carmel pride. There are many different looks that people have worn, ranging from a grass skirt over sweatpants to plaid on top of stripes on top of polka-dots. 

“In my old school we competed for which class was dressed up the most.” sophomore Angelica Puga said “At Carmel it’s really different, but I’m getting used to it. There isn’t much of a competing vibe which makes it less stressful for me.”