Carmel Cafe

This student-run business gives their profits to students with financial aid.

 “The purpose of the Carmel Cafe is to provide student financial aid through the cafe’s profits.” junior Mia Camasosa said. “All the profit we make on each cup of coffee (etc.) will go into student scholarship.” 


A survey went out to students last year asking if they ever buy a beverage before or after school, how often they bought the beverages, if they were late because of this, and if an actual coffee shop in school would help solve being late. The results were in, and out came Carmel Cafe.

“We are hoping to launch later in October.” Camasosa said. “Currently we are going to have training for staff around the 15-26th of October for a potential launch date of October 28.” 

The Business club has taken on Carmel Cafe as their project. Members of the club are signing up to work the cafe for service hours. The cafe was a student idea, and therefore is student run. Other students here would be taking leadership roles in management, finance, and marketing.

“The idea of the Carmel Cafe originally came from a Class of 2018 graduate named Anthony Passarelli. He more so aimed for the Carmel Cafe to be a solution for students tardiness to stop.” Camasosa said. “But during my sophomore year, I focused on the financial aid half of Anthony’s idea. Pushing for a more centralized idea on the importance of giving students the options of picking which school they want to go to.” 

“Carmel Cafe can benefit the students through financial aid, business experience that can be applied to real life jobs, and simply to get a good cup of coffee in the mornings and afternoons.”