Keep calm and do the math

Members of Mu Alpha Theta provide assistance to math students

Mu Alpha Theta is a club at Carmel directed by math teacher Sean Rank. The club is committed to encouraging an interest in mathematics, advancing active learning in the subject, and promoting the satisfaction of mathematics in high school.  

“Mu Alpha Theta is a national math honors society that works to encourage and reward outstanding achievement in mathematics,” senior Erin Tutaj said.

One way Mu Alpha Theta helps in the learning of math at Carmel is tutoring. 

“Our goals this year include displaying the members’ leadership in academics by providing tutoring and hosting study groups,” senior Luzolo Matundu said.

Members of the club offer tutor to students at Carmel by organizing study groups as well as tutoring one on one. These study groups are meant to help any students. For example to help study the week before a test or just want extra practice. 

“It’s vital that we encourage and assist the Carmel community with math-related help,”  Tutaj said. 

Mu Alpha Theta doesn’t just tutor, they are involved in many participate in many other events including, “tutoring fellow Carmel students or middle schoolers in Lake County, compete in Math competitions, volunteer around the community, and host speakers from professionals in the workforce,”  Matundu said. 

“We hope that this year we can expand our role in shaping the Carmel community through positive outreach.”