Clubs and Activities Week wrap-up

Clubs and Activities Week shows just how many opportunities are available for students outside the classroom.

Clubs and sports joined together during lunch waves last week to advertise what they do in Carmel’s annual Activities Week. The ambassadors of the club showed their pride while trying to get others to sign up for their activity.

There are thirty-five clubs and sports at Carmel, yet more ideas are still being pitched or gathering interest. Getting a person to sign up for your activity is a slow process depending on your club.

“Activities week is like being a salesperson,” Art Club member-at-large Loren Fox said. “You have to get people interested and keep their interest in your club.”

Another club is the Film Club, which is open to all students to view, discuss, and enjoy the art of film.

“The best part is the Film Festival we attend every year,” sophomore Tommy Diesen said.

An activity for students who like to dance is Orchesis, which provides opportunities for students to choreograph, rehearse, and perform dances of many styles and genres.

HR Imaging
Last year’s Orchesis team

“This year the club is worth honors credit, unlike previously,” sophomore Anna Nagode said.

Along with community clubs, there are also a variety of academic clubs.

French club is an extension of the French classroom, where students not only continue to learn French but also explore the culture.

One member of the club is sophomore Taaliah Johnson. “We get to celebrate the traditions and culture of France,” she said.

Tori Nagode
A French club project

“We also enjoy French delicacies every meeting,” said sophomore Ava Klein.

Although there are activities that have been available in previous years continuing this year, there are also many new clubs.

One new club at Carmel is a K-pop dance club. The founder of the club is junior Allexa Trankolova.

“I made this club because I wanted a fun but productive way to hang out with friends and meet new people who share common interests,” she said. “This isn’t a serious dance club, I made it just for fun. There will be times where snacks are brought in, and sometimes as a group, we’ll go out somewhere to eat.”

“I totally recommend looking into all the activities,” Fox said. “There are so many interesting clubs. It only takes a couple minutes to look around and see if there’s anything you want to join.”