Carmel Inn and Suites

Have you heard THESE rumors?


At Carmel Catholic, the typical school day for most students is from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. If a student has a game, maybe he will stay until 8 o’clock p.m.. If a student has to meet with a teacher before school, maybe she will arrive at 7:15 a.m.. But what about those students who get to school before the sun shines and leave when the moon is in full force? Or those students who don’t leave the building until well past dinner time but have to be back on Saturday for a tournament?

Many students joke that they should’ve just slept over at that point.

Joke. Funny.

But now that joke is becoming a reality.

At the beginning of the next school year, Carmel will introduce its own hotel for those students who feel like they spend more time at school than at their own home. Now, instead of driving back and forth and wasting an hour or two of sleep, students can check in to Carmel Inn & Suites, a hotel dedicated to those wanting to better organize their time.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had Street Scenes practice till 11 o’clock and then had to be back at school for a math tournament at 7 a.m. the next day,” senior Luna Ventura said. “Look, I love Carmel, but I spend an obsessive amount of time here. That hotel would definitely help make those early mornings easier.”

Sometimes, students are dropped off earlier than they would prefer. Everyone knows at least five people who always miss out on the B6 opportunity. The hotel is an opportunity for them as well. The “S” in CCHS stands for sleep, but as a high school student, sometimes that “S” seems impossible. But Carmel Inn & Suites is making sure that the “S” is just as important as its other values.

“I feel like I miss I always miss B6 days. The baristas at Starbucks kind of assume that when they see me, I’ve missed a late start… again,” senior Sydney Johnson said. “It’s ridiculous! I’m a senior! I should know the schedule! But now with Carmel Inn & Suites, I’m saying ‘so long’ to Starbucks, and I can sleep in an hour here, even if I forget to do it at home!”

So far, the plan for the hotel will be about 200 rooms with 5 floors. Each student who checks in will have his or her own room, equipped with a queen size bed, bathroom, small kitchenette, and work space. If their studies are going super long, there will be a small 24-hour set-up on the main floor where students can grab late-night food provided by Quest. As for supervision, teachers will be given a rotating schedule of when they should be on staff at the hotel in case of an emergency.

Which leads into another point. The hotel will not just be for students. Teachers who also feel they live in their classroom can have a comfy bed to fall asleep in at night.

“I already get to Carmel practically at 5 A.M. almost every day,” math teacher Brendan Leetch said. “I basically live at Carmel. If I get to stay overnight to supervise once in a while, I say that’s a pretty sweet gig! And now with girls’ soccer starting up, I know I’ll have even later nights and earlier mornings. Who wouldn’t want this opportunity?”

But where is Carmel receiving the funding to do this? one may ask. We already have the construction of the new Kathy A. Nemmers Welcome Center. The money to build the hotel will be raised through this year’s Walkathon, and construction will begin the first day of summer in order to be ready by the time the exchange students arrive.

“The opportunity presented to us as a school is so incredible,” principal Jason Huther said. “I hope everyone can learn and grow from this positive experience as we really work to enhance our sense of community.”