Everyone Needs a Good Cry

How Will You Deal with the Pain of Holding it in Next Time?

Crying is inevitable, a natural way the body expresses anger, sadness, frustration, or stress (or
all of the above at one time if you’re a high school student). Don’t lie, you’ve cried at least once
in your life. Next time you gotta let it out, here are the top five places around Carmel Catholic to
cry for your second time.

1. The closet in Mr. Ptacek’s room

If you’ve never been in religious studies teacher Jeff Ptacek’s room, you will be warmly surrounded by the sight of felt posters and a strong smell of coffee. On the far wall of his classroom, there is a closet door that holds an array of items. If you give Mr. P the passcode (“Part the Red Seas”), he’ll open the closet, give you a blanket, turn off the lights, and let you cry in peace.

2. The storage room in the IC

Another great place to cry is in the far back corner of the IC by the bathrooms. There’s a dark storage room that no one ever goes in, not even head librarian Eric Franklin. Grab a book about dealing with your emotions and give the passcode, “My
tears put the ‘dew’ in ‘Dewey Decimal System’” to Franklin. Whatever you do, don’t give the code to ARC leader Jonathan Clark; he’ll just look at you funny and awkwardly pass you a box of tissues or a pen.

3. The Dark Room

If you’re feeling as dark as the dark room, then this place is the best place for you to let it all out. Located at the end of the fine arts wing right across from fine arts teacher Maria Murczek’s room, is one of the top rated places in Carmel to cry. Even though there’s a sign on the door about not being allowed in, just tell Murczek, “My prints got wet. Do you have extra paper?” Boom! You’re in the darkest part of the school in complete privacy (until Photo 1 gets in there).

4. The old Tab Lab location

If you’ve been emo about graduating lately, then allow yourself to reminisce on the good ol’ days by crying in the old Tab Lab. For those of you who don’t remember, the
Tab Lab was a place where you could go to have your Chromebook fixed at the end of
the 400 hallway, right before the North Crossroads. Only the veterans remember this,
but anyone can use the vacant room for a tear sesh. Ask book store manager Wanda Pucci, “Remember the old Tab Lab?” Then be ready to snuggle with extra long skirts.
any polo color imaginable, and too-small khakis.

5. Your Locker

If you’re simply crunched on time but can’t hold it in much longer, just stick your head in your locker and act like you’re looking for something deep down in the abyss of your backpack. At this point, you can’t tell if you’re crying because your sad or because you got a big whiff of your gym uniform that you haven’t washed since your sophomore year. Be warned, you may cry even harder after catching a glimpse of yourself in your mini-mirror. Looks like all those times practicing in front of a bathroom mirror to perfect
your crying face didn’t pay off. But other than that, it’s quick, easy, and efficient (considering you probably only have five minutes). The only thing you need to know is
your locker combination.