Teachers On The Tube

Teenagers aren't the only ones making it big


Mr. Rafferty: ASMR

English teacher Alex Rafferty isn’t just focused on keeping his students listening; He has 70,000 subscribers to keep up with as well. Rafferty runs a channel dedicated to ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. His videos focus on creating soothing sounds, intended to immerse and relax the viewer.

While best known for his slime videos, Rafferty specializes in producing all sorts of oddly satisfying content, including soap cutting, paint mixing, and kinetic sand.

“It’s putting glue and laundry detergent in a bowl,” Rafferty said. “How could I not cash in on this?”

Ms. Pohl: Gaming

By day, Jane Pohl is your run of-the-mill religion teacher. She wears sweater vests, grades worksheets, and gives lectures. But once the sun sets, you’ll find her hunched over a Razr laptop with a can of Monster by her side.

Jane Pohl, or JPOHL, as her fans call her, has gained notoriety for her gaming livestreams. She plays and commentates popular games such as Overwatch, Fortnite, Team Fortress 2 and Rainbow Siege Six, and is active in the competitive scene as well.

“It started out as just a hobby,” Pohl said, “But people seemed to really like watching me play. I guess I’m pretty good!”

Pohl plans on entering three different ESports tournaments in the spring, including the Overwatch Open.

“I never thought I’d be able to make money off of this, but I’m not complaining,” Pohl said. “To be honest though, I do it for my fans more than anything.”

Mr. Halloran: Vlogging

There are already thousands of vlog channels on Youtube; In order to keep things fresh, History teacher John Halloran sticks to a specific strategy that separates him from the rest.

“What I think makes my channel special is its directness,” said Halloran. “What I say in the video title is what you get. No clickbait, no nonsense.”

Halloran takes pride in the brevity of his videos as well; not a single one of his vlogs exceeds ten seconds in length.

“Anything longer than that wouldn’t work out,” he said. “I don’t have the energy, and America doesn’t have the attention span. With my current format, everybody wins.”

Mr. T: Tidying up with Titterton

Engineering Department Chair John Titterton is known to have a knack for mathematics. But he also has another far more unexpected talent that most students don’t know about: interior design.

On his youtube channel TidyT, Titterton carefully explains to his viewers how to simplify their living space in an aesthetic manner.

“We’re all so materialistic these days” Titterton said. “People need to learn how to declutter, to detach themselves from material possessions.”

According to Titterton, “decluttering” consists of having all white walls, putting at least two succulents in every room, and buying shelving units from pottery barn, but never using them.

“Wooden letters are also ideal for any shelf space, if you have them. Just make sure you keep it to one word. Something deep like “LOVE” or “FAMILY.”

Titterton’s expressing his talents here at Carmel, too. He’s already given the teacher’s lounge a country farmhouse theme, and is heading for the 500 hall next. Just don’t expect him to exempt your Calc final because it doesn’t “spark joy.”