What’s the Worst Christmas Gift You’ve Ever Received?

We polled students to find some of the worst Christmas gifts they had received

Staff, Staff

A three-way tie: a variety of salts, a box of old shoes my father took from the closet, and canned unicorn meat.
Josh Bolger ’20

A horse puzzle…when I was 15.
Quinn Lester ’20

I got a bleach pen from my mom who said I always have stains on my clothes.
Jillian Gomez ’19

I got neon yellow jeans with a chevron print. They still have the tags on them.
Allison Bryant ’19

Clothes hangers.
Siobhan Huner ’21

I got a Hannah Montana pillow as a white elephant gift at a party. I pretended to leave it there so I wouldn’t have to take it home.
Anaise Fitzpatrick ’21

One of those “it’s the thought that counts” gifts where they wrap up a tiny box in, like, 500 layers of wrapping.
Brianna Huner ’22

Nia Daniels ’21