How to Make 2019 Great!

Start off 2019 the right way with goals and focus to help you succeed.

Zach Reidel and Aidan Haley

2019 is almost here and we need to start preparing. We all have things that we need to improve upon. This year, let’s get a fresh start and try some new things to make us better students. Here are some ideas.


Sometimes we can be all over the place and just need a little bit of organization to get up and running again. Things you can do the be organized include color coding your locker or sorting your books and notebooks by class period.

“I have separate folders for each class that I keep color coordinated so I can mentally organize what I need to bring home,”Senior Luna Ventura said. “I organize my locker with my things in certain places.”

Sophomore Alexa Trankolova has a similar system. ” I put my books, notebooks, and folders at the bottom, and my personal things on top of those so I always nowhere everything is and so I don’t get confused.”


We all have different ways we study, try something new and see how it works out! You could study for longer amounts of time with short breaks in between or you could use new resources like the ARC. “When I study I like to read over the material and say it out loud so it sticks in my head. Reading my notes and using quizlet is a huge part of my review and study process.”, Junior, Molly Finucane said. “When I study at home I move around when I change subjects so I can start fresh and I reward myself after I quiz myself and I get all of the questions correct,” Senior, Maggie Bodo said

Extra Help

Don’t be afraid to talk to your teachers. They are there to help–test it out and see how they can really help you!

“I get extra help by going to my teacher after school so they can review the things I need more help with,” sophomore Camilla Milan said.

Freshman Celeste Dam agreed. “I go to Mr. Zell for Physics help during lunch when I need the extra help.”


We all need time to relax and focus on ourselves, take some time and just chill because it will not only help you, it will help your brain! You could take a break and read a chapter of a book, or socialize with your friends.

“I have timed breaks so I can give my brain a rest,” junior Cheyenne Greenwald said. “I usually prefer to be alone in quiet and take a rest.”

“When I’m not studying I like to go outside and chill with my dogs when the weather is good,” junior Emily Coyne said. “Otherwise, I like to listen to music and talk to my friends.”


Planning out your week is a great way to stay on task and be ahead of the game. Each Sunday night, try to map out when you have tests or when things are due.

Using your assignment planner is another great way to stay on top of things; it will help you remember what’s due and when.

“I make schedules and deadlines for all the important things coming up,” junior Nina Hugi said. 

Senior Anne Blaszinski does the same. “I use my planner to help me stay on task and to know what I have going on and what needs to be accomplished that week.”