Why not watch a Christmas Movie?

Alexa Mehrholz and Gabby Pryde

Movies to watch with family:

“Elf” is one of my favorite movies to watch with my family . Will Farrell’s childlike comments makes it one of the best movies to watch during the holidays. The best scene in “Elf” is when Buddy is at the store and starts yelling about Santa visiting. I watch this movie with my family every year.        

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is by far one of the best family movies. When, I watch this movie, it always makes me laugh when the Grinch hears the Whos singing in Whoville . The humor and overall story of the movie makes it one to watch at least twice every holiday.


Movies to watch with your significant other:

“White Christmas” is great if you want to enjoy a nice night with your significant other. This movie is is a mix of romance and comedy from the 1950s. The best scene is when Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney’s characters sing “Count Your Blessings.” This movie will really put you in the spirit of Christmas when you are with your special someone.

You aren’t a true romantic if you haven’t seen the movie “Love Actually.” Claimed the best romantic comedy, this movie’s love stories will leave you feeling all sorts of emotions. The most emotional scene for me is when Mark holds up the posters to Juliet telling her how perfect she is.


Movies to watch with friends:

And so the debate goes on– is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” a Halloween or a Christmas movie? Regardless of your answer, it’s safe to say the movie could be watched during any season . But with Christmas around the corner, jolly old Santa Claus and Jack Skellington are sure to bring a smile. With the ongoing theme of struggling to fit in, this movie is perfect to watch with your friends. The soundtrack is also a bonus. 

Are your friends really even your friends if you don’t watch horror movies together? The answer is no, no you are not. As unusual as it seems, “Krampus” incorporates horror with Christmas. The name Krampus originated in Europe, where it gives an evil twist to the classic Christmas icon, Santa Claus. Trust me, friends who scream together, stay together.


Movies to watch alone:

All aboard! All aboard! All aboard the nostalgia express! I’m not sure about you, but “The Polar Express” always manages to take me back. By combining the elements of friendship and family, this movie will really make you feel at ease during stressful times…you’ll be too busy reminiscing to remember that you’re alone.

The phrase “an oldie but a goodie” is accurate here. “Gremlins” is sure to make you laugh, smile, and feel–as any good movie should. Plus, the Gremlins themselves are adorable. This is the perfect movie to settle in with a cup of hot chocolate, a bunch of blankets, and let that snowstorm pass by.