Where has the time gone?

Too many schedule changes have caused confusion. We need a solution.

Where has the time gone?

Caitlin Keane, Editor in Chief

Carmel Catholic High School prides itself on being a college preparatory school. This is reflected in its block scheduling, extended class periods, and advanced class work. The teachers are professional and amazing, and the students are respectful.

However, the implementation of a block schedule sometimes results in complicated schedules and confusing rotation days.

This year has been especially difficult in terms of consistency of the ABC schedule; there have been other new and chaotic schedule additions since August as well.

Starting with the most recent upheaval, Street Scenes collection days, many students were confused about how and when to enter advertisement submissions and submit monetary donations.

More specifically, students weren’t sure exactly WHEN this money was due. In past years, Carmel has done collections on B days, with a long homeroom and a 2:25 or 3:00 dismissal. This worked well, and it offered a sense of predictability and order.

This year, however, there were three collection days that fell on “special” A or C days, and not a lot of people knew when they were, as most students – for better or worse – don’t check the updated all-school Google calendar.

As a result, many students were surprised when they walked into school to found out they had shortened classes and a long homeroom. This allowed for less class time during the day, and resulted in almost thirty minutes of sitting in a homeroom doing nothing.

Adding on to the mixed up Street Scenes Collection days, there were two other days this year where the schedule was adjusted for special events. One such event was the Grandparents’ Day mass. Many students’ lunches got shifted around, and classes were once again shortened or altered to accommodate the large number of guests the school tried to provide lunch for. These days caused great confusion and distraction regarding class period times for both teachers and students.

Schedule changes also caused classwork confusion, because to alter these schedules, Carmel changed the order of days from ABC to ACB or BAC. Homework was changed to be due a day before it should have been, or a day after, and class periods were made longer or shorter than others.

On the other hand, the good thing about these schedule changes is that our start and end time is always the same, 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.. This gives students the chance to plan their sports, tutoring, and extracurriculars at a solid and official time every day.

Carmel Catholic is a great place to be, and can be made even better with an organized scheduling system. Carmel should keep the “special” days to a minimum in order to avoid chaos and confusion between everyone. If reducing the number of adjusted schedule days is not possible, more communication and advanced notice for the rest of the school is necessary to keep it running smoothly.