Always moving

Lots of experience moving helps senior excel as a flexible teammate


Zella Stockhausen, Reporter

Behind home base on a hot summer day, senior Jordan Swiatkowski, who has been on varsity softball since her freshman year, is calling pitches as Carmel’s varsity catcher.

Being a part of a military family, Swiatkowski’s softball career has had to move with her. She has played softball in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and of course, Illinois.

“Playing with different teams and in different states has helped me so much in my life”  Swiatkowski said. “I has taught me how to work with all kinds of people and how to make friends.”

However, moving around came with hardships as well. “Most of the hardships were getting close to people and families and then having to leave” sophomore Hailie Swiatkowski said.

Besides moving around with her father’s work, Swiatkowski has traveled around the country for softball tournaments, often missing school. “There are times I do feel anxious about missing school for tournaments, especially when I have to miss a test or important lesson” Swiatkowski said. “But all my teachers are so understanding and such a big help I never fall too far behind.”