Success is the best

The boys varsity cross country team stepped it up in conference rankings , but can they keep up the success they had?


Ryan Williams, Reporter

This year the boys cross country team went up three ranks in the ESCC conference, which gives the team a confidence boost for next year.

Junior Andrew White has been running cross country since his freshman year, and said this has been one of the best years for the team and himself. White is an important part of the team, but he points to another teammate as a big reason why the they went up three ranks.

“Adding Alexander Speer helped out tremendously,” White said. “Everyone followed in his footsteps, hoping to get to sectionals and then state.”

This was Speer’s first year running cross country, and he’s already made a difference.

“I always had a positive attitude,” Speer said, “and only wanted to see my teammates succeed in their goals that they wanted to achieve.”

Cross country is an endurance sport, which makes it tough to succeed in. Everyone has to be in it to win it, waking up early for practices, running in the heat, and taking the time to train up for the races that have a big impact on the team.

“You have to put in a bunch of miles, lift weights and go to the practices,” White said.

White believes that the strong cross country season will carry over to track season this spring, and even next year’s cross country season, where he hopes to be a senior leader.

“Next year will be the same, ” White said. “The one senior will be leaving, but all the juniors will continue to do cross country.”

Some underclassmen will join the varsity team, and they will have to step it up if they want to get to the ultimate goal.

“The leadership will be stronger than ever,” White said. “We will ride that momentum to take the team to state.”