The joy of dancing

Freshman Nina Borkowski wins awards, travels the country, and practices daily. Why does she love dance so much?

The joy of dancing

Charlotte Baude, Reporter

Dancers devote hours a day, travel across the country, endure the stress of perfecting a routine, wear uncomfortable pointe shoes, and what seems like pounds of makeup. Why bother with this rigorous cycle of a routine?

Nina Borkowski is has been dancing since she can remember. She dances competitively, which is a lot to handle.

“Practices are very tiring,” Borkowski said. “We start with a two-hour class to get us warm, and then continue with many hours of rehearsal. On top of that, we have to go “en pointe” most of the time, which really damages your toes and can take a lot out of you.”

The stress continues as her practices can last up to three hours. Most start at 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and 1:00 on weekends. But the long hours aren’t the only thing that stresses Borkowski out. Where competitive teams are, usually drama follows, and Borkowski said her team is no exception. 

“Being on a competitive is like having a second family,” she said. “I don’t have very much experience being on teams, so these girls are all that I have got. Sometimes there can be a lot of drama over who gets what part, but in the end, they are the people I spend almost all of my nights with.”

Traveling plays a big part in competitive dance. Going across the country to dance one routine may seem silly, but Borkowski thinks it’s all worth it.

“My favorite part of dance is the joy that it brings me,” Borkowski said.“Without it I would be nowhere in life. I am not a huge fan of playing sports, I definitely prefer the arts because I can express myself and I have a creative outlet.”

“For my next competition, I will be traveling to Indianapolis with a few other competitors, and if out group makes it to the finals, we will go to New York,” Borkowski said.

Despite the late-night practices, the pain her pointe shoes give her, the drama on the team, and weekends spent away, Borkowski said loves dance.

“My motivation for dancing is that I want to be the best that I can be,” Borkowski said. “I have no idea what I want to do in the future, but dancing makes me happy. So, if that is the path that I want to pursue, then I want to be as good as possible.”