One star shines even Brighter

Star of Beauty and the Beast at St. Gilbert School, Nora Junge is now only one of two freshmen in Carmel's Show Choir, Cadence.


Nina Borkowski, Reporter

Ever since Nora Junge was little, music has always been a huge part of her life.

“Ever since I was a little kid I have wanted to be a singer and music has always been a big part of my life.” Junge said.

She began singing at the age of nine at Standing Ovation Theatre Academy (SOTA). Junge also participated in shows at her grade school, Saint Gilbert. With a total of 13 shows, 10 with SOTA and three with Saint Gilbert, there is one show that holds a special place in Junge’s heart.

“My favorite show I did at school was during my 8th grade year. We did Beauty and the Beast, and I had the honor of being Belle,” Junge said. “It had always been my dream role, and it was an amazing way to end my time at Saint Gilbert.”

As well as participating in so many productions, Junge is a part of a vocal group called the Ovations with four other girls. They are directed by Erin Mulder, creator of SOTA, and give performances for events like dinners, or in venues like nursing homes.

Junge also has a vocal coach named Melanie Carter, who has been her coach since she was thirteen. Carter became her coach after scheduling issues led Junge to stop taking lessons with her previous coach, Ruth Peck, who is also the music director at Saint Paul the Apostle Church.

But eventually, it was time for Junge to try something new in high school, and she decided to try out Carmel Cadence.

Cadence is a singing group that performs with choreographed music, the styles of which range from Broadway to pop.

“Every year, Cadence does a tour of schools in the spring and they perform at grade schools like Saint Gilbert, Saint Patrick, and some other grade schools.” Junge said. “I always just remember thinking, I want to do that when I’m in high school.”

Auditions for Cadence were last spring. Around 35-40 students try out, and about there are about 26 members currently in Cadence.

“Cadence is very informal behind the scenes, we’re all a family,” said Maya Sarkis, the only other freshman in the group. “Especially to freshman who don’t have any experience in Cadence. Everyone is very close and open.”

With so many options at Carmel, Junge plans to experience other activities at Carmel as well. She said she is very excited to audition for Street Scenes as a sophomore, but plans to continue doing Cadence in her following years at Carmel.

“I will definitely audition for Cadence in the future, but you have to audition every year so there is no guarantee,” Junge said. “If I am so lucky to continue in Cadence, I hope to serve as a section leader or dance captain my junior and senior year. “