Titus plans to go out on top

Senior Charlotte Titus looks back during her last year on the courts

Gaby Pryde, Reporter

In her last year playing tennis at Camel Catholic, senior Charlotte Titus plans to make it a good one.

Since going to tennis camps in 6th grade, Titus has come a long way.

“I never really considered sticking with tennis until freshman year when I had the opportunity to try out,” Titus said. “I had a hard time deciding between dance and tennis since I had danced for 10 years and absolutely loved it.”

Titus had a difficult time deciding between dance and tennis. After thinking about it, she decided to follow in her older sister, Maddie’s, footsteps.

“I could see how much the sport meant to her, how much she improved, and how her teammates and coaches meant so much to her,” Titus said. “Although I was reluctant, I tried out and can easily say it was the best decision.”

Titus has made many memories and bonds with her varsity teammates that will last a lifetime.  

“My teammates are a group of girls who mean so much to me. Without joining tennis, I don’t know if I would have even gotten the chance to know them.” Titus said.

Other than her sister as role model for tennis, Titus looks up to Coach Chris Kannenberg. She met him at the tennis camps in 6th grade and regards him as her biggest influence ever since.

“He has so much passion for tennis and it is infectious when he teaches and coaches us,” Titus said. “He truly wants each and every one of his players to learn, work hard, improve, succeed, and love the sport as much as he does.”

As for watching the professionals play, Titus enjoys watching Rodger Federer and Garbiñe Muguruza.

“I am able to watch them play and learn new methods and strategies to further my game.”