Information Commons – get to know what happens!

Brooke Braden, Reporter

What services does the IC provide? Yes, you can check out books, but what else can students do there?

Check out books

  • How do you check out books?
    • Pick a book you like and you bring it to the desk. Then tell one of the librarians you would like check it out and you borrow it for 3 weeks.
  • How many books can you check out at a time?
    • There is no limit generally.

Broadcasting production rooms with green screen

  • Can other people use the room for an assignment in other classes?
    • Generally anyone can use the room.

Study rooms

  • Do you have to sign up to use the study rooms?
    • First come first serve
  • When can you come to study?
    • After school or during school

Print out papers

  • How many papers can you print out at a time?
    • Librarian, Mr. Franklin, states, “In a perfect world 0.” There isn’t a limit, but Mr. Franklin pays attention to when the paper is gone.


Clubs meet in the IC- broadcasting club (corsairs air), filmmaking, writing club, and spanish club.

Study hall

Lucky enough to have a study hall in your schedule? It takes place in the IC

Research and writing assistance

Classes can come to the IC to write papers.

  • How do they sign up?
    • Teachers touch base with Mr.Franklin to set up a time and he’ll get back to them to see if they need anything from him.
    • 20 databases for information- science, english, basically every subject, poetry