The Carmel Comeback

Allyson Smoczynski, Reporter

The Carmel Comeback

Senior Amber Dorn was cut from the volleyball team sophomore year, but she has come back with passion.

Dorn started playing volleyball in fifth grade and eventually played for her middle school, Fremont, in seventh grade. Dorn said her friend Madie encouraged her to play by teaching her the basic skills of volleyball. 

“Personally, my most memorable moment from Carmel volleyball would be making varsity junior year after being cut sophomore year,” Dorn said.  “It was difficult coming back after being cut, but I’m so glad that I didn’t quit and stayed with the sport. I’ll never forget the feeling of opening that acceptance letter.”

Dorn tried out for the girls volleyball team sophomore year, but she was cut. She started preparing and training for her junior year and tried out again. She got accepted for the girls varsity volleyball, and she made the team her senior year as well.

“If you really love the sport and are passionate about it, stick with it no matter what,” Dorn said. “Yes, playing volleyball is a big commitment, but it’s also an amazing experience.”