Ben Roberts


Lily Reininger, Reporter

Ben Roberts began playing golf with his dad when he was seven years old, and he’s loved it ever since. While he never imagined playing on a team when he was younger, he is at the end of a four-year run on the golf team at Carmel.

“It is basically a game of technique and skill that aims to use a club to get the golf ball into the hole in as fewest hits as possible,” Roberts said, “There are usually six, nine, or 18, holes for each round of golf. There are more articulate parts of the game, but that is sort of the overview.”

Roberts said he likes the dynamic of playing on a team.

“We bond, and are really close,” Roberts said. “It’s good to have the guys to rely on and we support each other.”

Roberts and his teammates have competed against other schools and he have also competed at his home course, Ivanhoe Country Club. Roberts said he has grown playing on the team.

“It’s been cool to see my progression as well as the team’s throughout the years.”

Overall, Roberts credits his family for helping him find the love of the game, even when times are tough.

“I love the sport and always have. Of course, there are times when I go through rough patches, but I always recover and work harder,” Roberts said. “My older brother, dad, and uncle have really helped developed my love for the game as they have played alongside me.