Jack Bartz

Cross Country


Nina Borkowski, Reporter

As a senior, Jack Bartz, captain of the cross country team, has had plenty of achievements throughout his past three years at Carmel.

Cross country was never really something that Bartz considered doing because after he tried it out in sixth grade, he didn’t like it, so he did not try out for the team in the following years.  

“Coming in freshman year, I needed new sports and had to find my friend group,” Bartz said, “so I joined cross country, which I had a little bit of previous experience, and just fell in love with it.”

The weekend of September 29, Bartz set a personal record in the three mile event of 17 minutes and 13 seconds. He also placed top twenty in conference out of around 40 people.

“On the straightaway, I tripped, and it was me, another Carmel kid, and two St. Pat’s kids,” Bartz said. “I tripped on the other Carmel kid and thought that I was going to lose the medal, but I caught my footing and kept going.”

Bartz plans to continue his passion of running in college, but is going to focus on running marathons and participating in club track and cross country. Being captain of the cross country team, a few colleges have taken interest in Bartz.

“I have never loved being a leader in school,” Bartz said,  “But being the only senior and the one that the team goes to for information, I have really created a different, special bond with the whole team.”