Senior Season

Jack Daus, Football

Ryan Williams, Reporter

Senior Jack Daus, one of the captains of the Carmel football team, looks to finish strong in his final season at Carmel.

Daus is a senior linebacker and one of the captains on the team this year.

It all started seven years ago for Jack when he decided to play football. To this day he has a love for the game.

“My love for football started from going to Notre Dame football games while my sister attended, Daus said. “My dad is also a huge football fan so when I told him that I had interest in playing, he immediately supported me.”

While playing football, teammates are there for one another and off the field.

“Football has taught me countless lessons. I can’t think of a better analogy than football to understand the whole ‘You earn what you work for’ phrase,” Daus said. “It is truly a sport where if you work hard in the weight room and in the off season, you will see success during the season. I learned this in football, and now understand it in my everyday life, school, and relationships.”

Despite it being Jacks last season playing football, he has learned many countless lessons and made many friends along the way. “I could not ask for a better group of guys to be teammates with,” Daus said.