Gabrielle Terselic

Cross-Country Runner


Ava Klein, Reporter

Running on the muddy path ahead of her, senior Gabrielle Terselic, captain of the girls cross country team, is sprinting to the finish line.

“Cross Country has just always been someplace other than stress,” Terselic said. “You’re running with your friends and it’s just a place to let go.”

Without the motivation from her peers, “running the meets wouldn’t be the same without them” Terselic said.

Terselic, a leader to her peers, said she has gained valuable experience in her role as team captain. On top of getting closer to her teammates, Terselic said, “The leadership skills I learned from being captain help me become more organized and focused.”

Terselic has been very proud of her teammates; however, when she was most proud happened last season.

“Last year at the Grant meet,” Terselic said,  “we all came in top ten and I was really proud of all of us.”

When running in a cross country meet there could be over 100 people, which makes it difficult to place.

“Coming in the top 10 is like being a god,” freshman Charlotte Baude said.

Terselic said she will continue to run in college, just not for cross country. However she advises teens who participate in cross country to continue running.  

“Stick with it, continue to run, it builds determination and character. I made a lot of connections with people from cross country and it made my high school experience fun.”