8 Things You Need to Know About Hoco Week

Caitlin Keane, Editor-in-Chief

The Pep Rally is actually fun

The dance classes aren’t performing this time, but if you get excited, and get a little bit rowdy, you can have a good time.

You can get your tickets for cheaper

If you order your tickets by Thursday, you can get $5 off per ticket, only paying $20 instead of $25 per person.

Students actually work really hard on this

Your student council boards have been working since the start of the year to help with the theme and advertising. Also, on Friday night they will be going in right after school to help set up. They do more than just have a title. Also, senior girls ran a sale for new powder puff shirts for the seniors all in five days.

Once you go in the dance, you can’t leave

As horror-movie-like as that sounds, keeping the safety of the students in mind, you can not leave the dance until at least 9:30

Street Scenes Kick off is this week

Along with all of the other plans this week, Thursday is also the first Street Scenes collection day. Remember, submitting the donations is online now!

Everyone is stressing about the ACT

The ACT is Saturday morning. That’s it.

Sports other than Football play this week

In the biggest senior vs. junior showdown of the year, girls play a competitive game of flag football against each other right after school on Tuesday

Girls and boys golf, girls tennis, Cross Country, girls volleyball, along with boys soccer all have games and matches all through this week.

Five Different Colleges are Visiting

Juniors and Seniors: Ohio State University, College of Charleston, Iowa State University, Hope College, and Saint John’s University are all visiting within this week. Remember to get permission from your teachers at least a day before your visit to the CCRC.