Bishop Rassas’ Sendoff

In a sea of red and white, Carmel students and staff wish Bishop Rassas the best in his retirement.


Mass of the Holy Spirit Photo By: Camila Pereira, ’19

Caitlin Keane, Editor-in-Chief

At one of Carmel’s most special masses, the Mass of the Holy Spirit, it is only fitting that Bishop George Rassas presided. After twelve years of serving at Carmel, Bishop Rassas is retiring this November. Campus minister Mike Fitzgibbons said that the bishop is a “rockstar who loves Carmel students,” and loves hearing the students offer each other the sign of peace and singing “I’ll Send You Out.”

Because of his relationship with the school, Carmel wanted to host the bishop one last time before his retirement. Director of Mission Effectiveness Kambra French says that he is “never too busy for Carmel” and that Carmel “wanted to thank him because he has been so good to us.”

After today’s mass, Campus Ministry hosted a brunch for him along with the Board of Directors and leaders of the Kairos retreat. Bishop Rassas said that “it is always nice to be invited [to Carmel] because kids pay attention” and participate greatly in the Mass.

As a middle schooler, Bishop Rassas said he had the “zeal” to become a preacher. Missionary priests would visit his school twice a year and he was drawn into what they achieved and did every day. After graduating from the Mundelein Seminary in 1984, Bishop Rassas said is still looking forward to continually serving at Carmel masses even after his retirement.

Bishop Rassas has advice for high school students. Today in his homily, he said “the Gospel tells us to follow the truth,” and he said he wants us to “use our gifts that God gave us and follow our heart” into our futures.

Mass of the Holy Spirit Photo By: Camila Pereira, ’19