Street Scenes Kickoff

Change of plans in homeroom tomorrow, August 24


Street Scenes 2018 Student Show

Caitlin Keane, Editor-In-Chief

Street Scenes, which Dean of Students Kevin Nylen refers to as Carmel’s “biggest and most important fundraiser,” will have changes in how students submit ad collections this year.

Carmel is going to be integrating a digital collection system, Nylen said, so everything will be easier and all in one place. This means you’ll be less likely to lose the papers you get in homeroom.

This digital database will make it possible for you to submit your donations online, and will provide a place where you can type in a business and figure out if they previously said yes or no to donating. This feature was created is to prevent Carmel students from reaching out to a business that has already said no, Nylen said. You will also be able to insert your own businesses that you have reached out to, so other students are able to find possible donors.  

Because of all of these changes, Friday, August 24th, will not be the previously scheduled Street Scenes Kickoff. There will not be a schedule change, but a long homeroom will consist of planning your individual homeroom’s basket for the Carmel Gala held in October. The official Street Scenes kickoff will be the first collection day as well, and will be held in long homeroom on September 6th.

Mr. Nylen says Street Scenes “is a great way to engage not only the students, but the rest of the community, which is why it is such a big deal to Carmel.” But despite these new changes, Carmel values will continually be presented throughout Street Scenes.

The minimum amount of money each student is required to submit will remain the same. Every student must submit a minimum of $150 by the last collection date held in homeroom on Friday October 19th.