10 things that happened this week

You may or may not have missed these events, but here is a review of the first week of the 2018-2019 school year.


Seniors ready for their last ride. Photo By: Camila Pereira, '19

Caitlin Keane, Editor-in-Chief

1.  Fall Sports Kickoff

  • Last Friday, Carmel teams scrimmaged each other for bragging rights. There were games for volleyball, football, and soccer. The cheerleaders and the drumline also performed. Be sure to make an appearance at the first home varsity football game against St. Charles East on Friday the 31st at 7 pm.  Be there or be square. Don’t be a square.

2.  Assumption of Mary All-School Mass

  • On the first day of classes, the whole school gathered to celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Everyone sang and clapped along to the music as they prayed and participated in one of Carmel’s best traditions.

3. Parking Spots Assigned

  • The Central Office started distributing parking tags on orientation days to juniors and seniors. Starting the morning of the 21st, you can now get into disciplinary trouble, such as a detention or infraction,  if you do not display your parking tag or park in a spot that is not yours. You can even get your parking privileges taken away.

4. Fall Play Announced

  • The fall play, “Up the Down Staircase” will be put on the weekend of November 10th. The theater department is now taking sign ups for makeup, hair, backstage help, and acting in the play itself. Sign up sheets are located in the theater hallway right next to entrance H. Talk to Mrs. Sebastiano if you have questions.

5. New Service Hour Opportunities

  • If you log into your X2Vol service hours account, there will be a “find opportunities” button in the middle of the page. You can sign up for all kinds of service if you are having trouble finding hours. See Ms. Budris in the south crossroads office with questions.
  • Fun Fact: The 2017-2018 service hour requirement was 35,000 hours for all Carmel students. The 2017-2018 submission and approval was 42,000 hours, exceeding the expectations. Good job Carmel!

6. New Chromebook Rules

  • This year, students own their Chromebooks. If you break yours, and it’s one of the older models, you have to bring it to a tech repair shop. Mr. Schultz recommends Mundelein Computer Guys. While it is getting fixed, TSI will give you a loaner. If you have a new model purchased this year, bring it to TSI and they will send it out to be repaired if you have a warranty. If you forget your Chromebook or Chromebook charger, TSI will no longer lend you one for the day anymore. Remember to use your cases!

7. Harbinger Starting

  • If you are interested in helping select works for or design the literary magazine, Harbinger, there will be a meeting on Thursday the 23rd from 3-3:30 in room 104. See Mrs. Meyer with any questions. When announced, submissions can include poetry, stories, photographs, and even art.

8. Veracross Introduced

  • Carmel’s new parent and student portal makes it a lot easier to let you and your parents know you got in trouble. But it also has a ton of quick links to help you navigate around almost all Carmel websites. The student portal also has your grades, schedule, and teachers, and you are able to see it updated as each assignment is put in.

9. New Principal

  • Principal Huther has been welcomed into Carmel with open arms as Carmel has said goodbye to the formal principal of the past two years, Mrs. Crook, who retired for a second time starting this school year. He has done morning announcements and spoken at all of the orientation presentations in the auditorium last week. He is ready to promote Carmel values and make Carmel an even better place than it already is.

10. New Uniforms

  • This year is the beginning of the change in uniforms. It is the first of the two gap years that Carmel has given to adjust the uniform policy. Ms. Laskonis announced over the summer some new rules. First, you are able to wear any uniform pants you want, without the past-required “C” above the pocket. Another new guideline is that you are no longer able to wear the hoodie-styled sweatshirt as a part of your daily uniform.

    First All-School Mass for the Assumption of Mary Photo By: Camila Pereira, ’19