The Secret’s Out: KIDZ Bop

Whose Grammy is it?

Tori Jozwiak, Editor-in-Chief

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Walking through the halls, students of Carmel ask the same questions: What’s the schedule today? Did we have homework? Was the test really that hard? And probably the most common: Do you know why there’s a Grammy in the Fine Arts wing?

Well, Corsairs, the secret is finally out. Who would give their prized possession to their high school? The answer: Carmel Cadence Show Choir.

“We’ve been sweating sparkles for years now,” senior Jilly Kornak said. “It’s time to finally announce that we’re actually famous outside of Carmel, too.”

As it may come as a shock that students actually have time to do stuff besides homework, practice, service hours, Twitter fights, sleeping, and being exemplary representatives of Carmel, the Cadence team is out performing. And they’re actually pretty famous!

Yes I said that. Pretty famous. So famous that you possibly have danced to their numerous butcherings—I mean renditions— of popular songs. Okay it’s time to release the cat out of the bag. Carmel Cadence is actually KIDZ Bop.

“We have enough recognition at Carmel, so we thought it was time to take our talent to a bigger stage,” junior Mark May said. “KIDZ Bop gave us the opportunity we were looking for.”

After recording several hits, the one to bring them the most fame and earn them the honorary Grammy was “The Kidz Bop Shuffle,” a remake— or, dare I say, a better version of— “The Cupid Shuffle.”

“Carmel is our home. It pushed us to achieve a bigger and brighter future,” sophomore Eleonore Hoffman said. “The least we could do is donate our Grammy to them.”


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