And that’s the way they all became the Carmel Bunch

And that's the way they all became the Carmel Bunch

When people say that Carmel is like a family, they normally don’t mean it literally. But in reality, Carmel is a real family: aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, cousins. Most students know of the husbands and wives who both teach at Carmel, but few actually realize how many teachers are connected to one another. So next time you call your teacher “Mom” on accident, I hope you realize that it’s actually “Aunt” or “Uncle.”Geez. Have some respect for your family members.


Uncle Franklin matches all of his clothes with his wife’s clothes. He is the one who always makes the slide shows at family reunions that no one really watches. You can almost hear him say, “Can you guys email me all the pictures so I can put a collage together for next year?”



Grandma Crook has hard candies hidden in her purse and always asks if you’re hungry.





Grandpa Schuster asks, “Did you buy your jeans with holes in them or did you just wear them out?”




Aunt Bertaud snitches on you to your parents when you say a “bad” word





Cousin Mixa tries to turn every family dinner into a political or religious debate. “No no Karen, I’m just saying, you should really just consider becoming a Catholic,” are the usual words out of his mouth.




Aunt Wilkins tries to stay hip with the kids. “Is that what they’re saying now? Yeet!”





Uncle Pazely makes all of the family games overly-competitive. “You’re not trying hard enough, Karen!”




Cousin Daluga is the only child from out of town, who is overwhelmed by all of the noise and people.