Spying on students

The real reason

Tori Jozwiak, Editor-in-Chief

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Mrs. Gille and Mr. Clark are in on their students’ virtual lives.

What most Americans seem to worry about is an FBI Agent stalking their every move on the computer.

However, Carmel students have noticed that it’s not just the FBI they have to worry about. It’s their teachers. While some students assume that their teachers are using Hapara, a program that allows teachers to see activity on student Chromebooks during class, to prevent them from having any fun, the actual reason is a little more selfish.

We’ve uncovered information that leads us to believe that teachers are using Hapara as a source of entertainment ideas.

You may think your teachers don’t care what game you’re playing or what Netflix show you’re watching. Spoiler alert: they do. They care so much that they are taking notes.

Here are five reasons why the teachers are really using Hapara:

They catch up on prom details: “It’s such an exciting season and I love hearing all of the talk about who’s going with who and who’s wearing what…”

Business teacher Shelley Lindgren

They look for a new Netflix series to binge watch on test days: “I wanna know 13 reasons why I need to watch these shows…
English teacher Monica Hannan

They want to know video game hacks: “Sometimes I’m like, ‘Wow! My students are paying close attention!’ But then I realize they’re studying up on their gaming skills. C’mon guys! I want to know how to get to the next level, too…”
Religious studies teacher Carl Hansel

They are interested in Twitter fights: “In the classroom, everyone seems so friendly and close. I know it’s a gig. I like to see who’s in the latest Twitter fights…”
Social studies teacher Steve Ballerine

They laugh at memes and Vines: “Look… I know it’s funny, but if I hear that Walmart yodeling boy one more time, I’m gonna lose it…”
Science teacher Kirsten Stice


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