Carmel makes money moves

The Corsairs introduce three new fundraisers


Petting Zoo

One of the struggles that numerous teachers and students go through everyday is leaving behind their beloved family members for the whole day. And by beloved family members, we mean their pets. Dogs, cats, bird, pigs, fishes, all pets hold a special place in our hearts and it’s devastating walking out the door and not seeing them until later that afternoon or evening. Carmel understands. Carmel cares. That’s why it will soon be offering a petting zoo for a simple entry fee. Soon to be offered once a month in the courtyard to all students and staff, the petting zoo will be the second largest fundraiser next to Street Scenes. With the entry fee, students will be able to snuggle, pet, feed, and train animals ranging from piglets to goats, and calves. This set up is a win-win: Carmel students and faculty fill the void in their animal-loving hearts while Carmel racks in the money. “Playing with animals relieves stress by almost 90%,” school nurse Kathy Hunter said. “With that statistic, of course Carmel had to add the petting zoo!”


The newest member of the Corsair family is very excited to sport his new look

Therapy Goats

There’s nothing more stressful than high school. However, Carmel is here to help. Certified therapy goats will now be available at all times for just a small fee, which will go towards keeping the tuition low. “Whenever a student feels they need a little break from the day, they can drop in and pick up a goat to play with,” school counselor Taylor Samson said. “There’s nothing more soothing than having access to a playful goat whenever you need him.” In the week leading up to finals, therapy goats will be offered in the IC for all to enjoy. “They smell a little,” Samson said, “but they’re worth every penny.” 


Engraved Lockers 

Looking to leave a lasting impression on Carmel? There’s a new way to showcase your family name! Similar to an engraved brick paver, families can now purchase a commemorative locker plaque to ensure that their name becomes a permanent part of the Carmel landscape. “What is more meaningful than to have your name or a special message forever chiseled into a locker?” principal Sue Crook said. Now every time a student walks past those empty lockers in the Science Wing, they will smile, knowing that someone loves their school just as much as they do. “These lockers are changing the future of Carmel,” Crook said. “Space is limited…kind of. I mean, there are a lot of empty lockers. Get yours today!”