State of art

Carmel plans mural in Fine Arts wing


Megan Brinkman

Most students have seen the lumbering plastic statues placed strategically throughout the school. Or breezed passed various graphic design work in the 400 hall. Or scrolled past pictures of the art show on social media. But there is one project relatively unknown to the student body.
Art students are in the process of constructing a mural in the fine arts wing. The design will feature numerous elements of the school community overlayed on a film strip, which will stretch the length of the wall opposite the black box classroom.
The process began last academic year with Open Studio and AP Art students collaborating to create a basic sketch.
“The mural represents many different styles and students coming together in one voice,”

senior and artist Carly Manshum said. “It also displays each student’s individual techniques.”
In creating a sketch, the students had to consider numerous factors, including


fire alarms and electrical outlets situated squarely in the middle of the design. In addition, the curved wall presented a work surface far different from what the students used in class.
“Some challenges were learning how to make everything in perspective,” senior and fellow artist Olivia Klein said. “Because the silhouettes are on a filmstrip, we had to warp their bodies with the film to portray whether the film was more in the foreground or background.”

“This will be my final mark leaving Carmel, my legacy,” Manshum said.