Caitlin Keane, Reporter

Each year, each Carmel student has the opportunity to participate in a faith-based retreat. For the past few years, the sophomores take the day to go to a retreat center, and are  led by teachers, alumni, and other influential adults. They then split into four different groups and go participate in team-building activities, meditation, and other exercises to build relationships with their peers.

According to Mr. Fitz, who helps organize all of the retreats, the sophomores will love this retreat because “they will be able to build up stronger relationships with not only their peers, but with themselves and God.”

Grace Capelle, a sophomore, says that she is “excited to see how [their] class comes together to work as a community.”

Part of Carmel’s mission is to be able to connect learning with faith, and this retreat for the sophomores does just that. It combines real life situations with God and His plans for them.

Sophomore Emma Magnonne “does not know what to expect,” but she went on a retreat for confirmation recently and it ended up being “super fun and eye opening, and [she] is looking forward to the sophomore retreat being the same.”