Different Dynamic

Lone senior gymnast makes a splash

Annie Bart and Caitlin Keane

One senior and a whole new team of gymnasts.

Senior Kelly Gustafson is the only senior on this year’s team.

“I’m excited [for this season] because I’ve had a successful past three years with the whole team,” Gustafson said. “We’re going to have a different team this year because last year’s seniors left ,so it’s going to be a different dynamic. I’m excited to see where it goes.”

While starting her high school career as the only freshman on the varsity team, she is ending her career as the only senior on the team. Gustafson has a positive outlook as she prepares to serve as a leader during her final season.

“I want to be prepared so the Carmel team can have the best season possible,” Gustafson said.

Throughout her years as a gymnast, Gustafson has developed numerous qualities that she can use outside of the gym, such as independence and leadership.

“I’ve learned to cope with high standards that gymnastics holds me to, such as the time and effort it requires.” Gustafson said. “Practice everyday, for four hours each.”

Gustafson plans on ending her career after this season – she will not compete at the college level. However, she plans to help her team make this a memorable season for all of them, full of firsts and lasts.

“I want nothing more than for my team to be successful this coming season,” Gustafson said. “I’m looking forward to a great season and I am very excited to see where the rest of the team goes.”