Putting the Cheer in Cheerleading

Will varsity cheer walk the mat at state again this year?

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Putting the Cheer in Cheerleading

Megan Spanswick, Reporter

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While performing on the football field during half-time may be over, the cheerleading season is far from finished. In fact, it’s just getting started.

This year’s competition among squads in Lake County’s 1A division, where the Corsair cheerleaders compete off season, is strong.

But the varsity cheer team is ready to take home the gold for state.

Senior cheerleading captain Hannah Bruskin creates a bridge between the coaches and the team while striving to lead by example. This involves pushing each other in and out of practice, working on skills, and taking care of themselves, Bruskin said.

Jennifer Dompke was recently moved up to head coach on the varsity squad.

As a result, the girls have had to adjust to a new coaching style, including forming a foundational bond with both coaches and teammates. Having a strong relationship with both your teammates and coaches can be a high factor of success, Bruskin and Dompke said

“We have a strong team bond,” Bruskin said, “and that reflects on how we perform on the mat.” As a result, the team works to build a relationship.

“There is a lot of pressure because all of the varsity teams in Illinois are super competitive,” Bruskin said, “so each year it gets more and more difficult.”

Dompke sees things differently from a coach’s perspective.

“Not too much pressure, I know that when it gets closer there will be more pressure,” Dompke said, “but now we are just trying to have fun and get work done.”