Girls’ Basketball

Varsity coach Ben Berg is looking forward to a season of growth

Alyssa Graves, Reporter

The squeak of shoes across the waxed court, the bounce of a basketball echoing throughout the gym, a whistle blow ringing in the air, and a coach walking to the huddle.

The din of students shifting in their seats, the scratching of pencils on paper, the light of a PowerPoint filling the room, and a teacher reading the slides.

Both of these worlds are familiar to psychology teacher and varsity girls basketball coach Ben Berg.

While he is new to this year’s girls’ basketball team, he isn’t new to the sport or to coaching. A Sheboygan, Wisconsin native, Berg grew up in the Midwest. He showed an interest in sports in high school as a member of the football and basketball teams and during college as a member of the football team, going on to share his passion as a basketball coach. Berg attended Lakeland University and has been at Carmel ever since graduation. He has coached both boys and girls basketball, wanting to spread the lessons he learned as a student athlete to his teams.

“Coaching is an extension of the classroom,” Berg said. “I want to teach the girls to work hard and be selfless.”

Not only do the players learn from their coach, but the coach learns from his players. Berg said that his team has taught him to “not take things too seriously and enjoy every moment.”

As he grows with his team, Berg wants to stress the importance of teamwork and connection this season to further cultivate their performance as a unit. He plans on doing several bonding activities with the team to help bring them together.

“I’m excited to see how the season goes,” Berg said. “It’s a great group of girls. They’re fun to work with and be around, not just as players but as people.”

Although he encourages his team to do their best, and he gives them a pat on the back from time to time, he isn’t afraid to give them some tough love. Berg says that he has expectations for his team because he’s a teacher and wants them to learn. He wants to extend the classroom onto the court to best hone his players and their skills. His biggest piece of advice for the team is to stay involved on the court and with the team.

“No matter what’s happening in a game or outside, stay connected.”